Dida was born in Beirut in 1984 and adopted to Switzerland the same year.

As the eldest of her three other adoptive brothers, she grew up with a sense of strong curiosity about her story, her name and the culture of her origins. After having studied social sciences, she takes the decision by heart to study at Jazz School Bern.

There, she is immediately confronted to her artistic and cultural identity. She discovers her love for writing and is constantly provoked to question the origin of her inspiration.
It is finally while challenging herself to sing in Arabic that brings her to the breaking point. It is physical, it is no question anymore:
Dida decides, at the age of 26, to return to her country of origin, Lebanon, in order to seek her history, roots, language and a part of her music.

Like a revelator, it is by learning Arabic that she starts to write her first songs in French and english.

Her recovered confidence allows her to make peace with her diverse backgrounds.

Her life experience also encouraged her get involved with defending the rights of origin for internationally illegal adopted people. She founds the platform “Born in Lebanon” which federates, attends and supports the adoptees in their search.

It’s a coherent context, which she connects to her music and artistic interventions.


Visual artists : M_Ltaief & Christelle Franca