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"Last year I had a very helpful experience with Dida not only as a vocal coach, but as a personal mentor also. I’ve been singing for almost 10 years, but I had a big problem with vocal improvising. As I didn’t have special musical education, I was afraid to make a mistake or to express myself in unexpected way... On our sessions with Dida we started to talk about my personality, my childhood, my dreams and my fears. Those discussions helped me to find out what had blocked the music inside of me. Sharing her own amazing experience Dida gave me lots of inspiration, support and courage to discover and develop myself until now."

Svitlana, Ukraine, part of the Caux Artist Program 2017


Extract of the Caux Artist Ensemble Workshop, Initiatves of Change, July 2017

Graduate of the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, Switzerland, Dida continued her learning in Lebanon and Egypt with the support of the Swiss promoter Pro Helvetia, and over the course of four years immersed herself in many different singing techniques, languages and musical systems. For the last seven years she has accompanied and assisted choirs and individuals with personalized designed programs and workshops in Switzerland, Beirut (Collectif Kahraba, 3a 7abl el Hawa and the music hub) and the Emirates (Emirates Foundation Youth Mentoring Platform). Dida’s approach to the voice is intimate. Through her own identity path, she has developed a unique technique based on listening to one’s inner voice as a foundation for expressing the melodic and spoken voice in a coherent and personal context.  Her vocal technique, writing and coaching skills are, as she says, the inevitable consequence of what her life brought her to explore: freeing one’s self from the possible constraints that are sometimes met in life.

3A 7ABL EL HAWA - (Sur le fil) 

Singers coaching final concert / Fête de la Musique, Beyrouth, 2014